RHS Print Management can maximize print spending and create savings through integration of your corporate culture and our expertise.

how we do it:

We work with our clients from start to finish in print procurement, from pre-production concept through fulfillment. We are on-site, in person or virtual.  There are tremendous savings at every step that our print management strategy uncovers.


We use a branded web site to gather all company print information for analyzing and reporting.  This tool allows us to bid in ways that utilize our buying power for you.


Our suppliers are the best in the industry.  We pay promptly.  We deliver art files that are built professionally.  Our management allows us to ask for realistic deadlines. When we say jump on your behalf, the answer is “how high”.


We are industry professionals with many years of experience in print sales, buying, design, fulfillment, promotional products, reprographics, digital print, Internet and web.  Imagine all that expertise working together for one purpose… you.  It translates to quality and savings without sacrifice. 


Most print management programs require you to give up control of print decisions.  At RHS, we respect the employee/vendor relationships that your company has built over the years.  We are able to maintain those relationships while still creating savings.  This is one way we work within your corporate culture.


We use FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified vendors that utilize wind and solar power, soy-based inks, recycled paper and recycle by-products from the manufacturing process.  We reduce environmental impact of the print industry through sustainable green printing practices.

Social Responsibility:

We use women-owned and minority vendors whenever possible. By partnering with fulfillment organizations that help people get back on their feet, we are able to give back to your community on your behalf.


Over 25 years experience in print, Internet, design and fulfillment, working with all sized companies, profit and non-profit.  We understand the business relationships of profit, employees and efficiency through our main focus, print management.